Astroburn Lite interface is quite simple, intuitive and user-friendly. You can easily customize disc burning process by using one window.

The main window consists of the following parts:


  1. Titlebar. This part of main window indicates the program name — Astroburn Lite and has additional buttons.
  2. Tabs bar — Files, Image and Pro tabs. Tabs allow switching between main app features: burning data discs and burning images. Pro tab demonstrates the Astroburn Pro features.
  3. Disk panel. Demonstrates the properties of an inserted disk, such as Available space, Planned space and Exceeded space. Burning options — Speed and Device — are available below.
  4. Project panel. Indicates what items will be recorded on disk.
  5. Tools panel. Contains available tools to manage the content in Project panel.
  6. Status bar. Demonstrates recording progress and tips (insert the disc, choose the image, etc.)

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