Preferences will help you customize Astroburn Pro. To open Preferences go to OptionsPreferences.




This tab will help you customize the following options:

  • Updates. Mark the checkbox if you want to receive the updates. Astroburn Pro license provides lifetime updates, once you’ve activated the license you’ll get all the patches.

  • Statistics. Leave the “Send anonymous statistics” checked, so the program could track the way you use it for software and interface improvements. It is totally anonymous, we won’t see what images and files you burn.

  • Language. Change the localization settings.

Once you’ve finished customizing — press Apply and all your changes will be saved.

Color schemes


This tab permits to customize the color of the Astroburn Pro work space:

  • Use system colors or Use custom colors. Choose any color you prefer.

  • Reset to default. Reset all the color settings you’ve changed.

Once you’ve finished customizing color schemes — press Apply and all your changes will be saved.



This tab allows you to put in proxy server settings in case proxy is used to update Astroburn Pro.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly.