Menu bar is a part of the main window that contains all the tools and customization options you need to use Astroburn Pro.

  • File Contains the following options:

    Interface Menu

    • Create a Data Image — Permits you customize the content for your image in Image panel and then save this data to ISO, MDS or MDX.

    • Create an Audio CD Image — Opens a specialized Image panel, where you can manage and listen to audio files that you want to save to virtual Audio CD.

    • Grab a Disc — Creates an Image file from the optical disc.

    • Open — Launches the *.brn file that serves for an Astroburn Project saved earlier.

    • Import — Opens an image file to edit. You will see the image content on the Image panel.

    • Save — Saves image file.

    • Save project — Saves the project you’ve created.

    • Exit — Quits Astroburn Pro.

  • Edit Allows you to:

    Interface Menu

    • Add files — Appends files to your project.

    • New folder — Creates a new folder in your project.

    • Rename — Allows you to change the name for the selected file or folder.

    • Delete — Wipes off selected items.

    • Refresh — Checks for available CD/DVD devices.

  • Tools Launches the following features:

    Interface Menu

    • Burn — Records the items from Image panel to an optical disc.

    • Burn protected — Records the items from Image panel to an optical disc and protects them with a password.

    • Burn an image — Records the selected Image to the disc.

    • Copy a disc — Makes a duplicate of an inserted disc.

    • Erase — Completely wipes all data from the inserted rewritable disc.

  • Options Provides customization and support.

    Interface Menu

    • Preferences — Permits to customize Astroburn Pro.

    • License — Gives information about your license. If you own a Trial License — you can see the date when it expires or buy the Paid License here.

    • Check for update — Verifies if your Astroburn Pro version is up to date.

    • Forum — Opens DAEMON Tools forum link in your browser.

    • Online help — Opens Astroburn Pro help guide link in your browser.

    • Request support — Opens the form where you can ask for help. This is a good solution if you haven’t found the answers you were looking for in help guide.

    • About — Shows additional information: program version, serial number and system ID.

  • View Customizes the main window: you can hide toolbar, info panel or explorer panel.

    Interface Menu