Astroburn Pro requires 6 steps to complete before usage. Once you’ve installed the program, you’ll be able to burn data discs, burn images, burn audio discs, burn protected discs; create images from existing disc, create images from existing files, create an audio CD image; copy existing optical discs and erase discs.

Depending on the license you choose the installation process will differ.

Trial License works for 20 days with all Astroburn Pro features included and doesn’t require any serial numbers.

Paid License provides lifetime updates and a single serial key that will work on three PCs. Note that if you’ve chose Trial License by mistake you always can complete the installation and activate your Astroburn Pro Paid License anytime later.

If you choose Trial license:

  1. Download Astroburn Pro installer from the Astroburn website and run it.

  2. Choose the language for the further usage and press Next. Note that you’ll be able to change the interface language later in Preferences.


  3. Choose Trial License and press Next. If you want to choose Paid License — scroll down to see the help guide or go to Activation help guide to know how to activate Astroburn Pro.


  4. Manage the Astroburn Pro components you want to install and press Next. Choose Desktop Shortcut and Start Menu Shortcuts to open it in one click right from your desktop or start menu. Leave the Anonymous Usage Statistics checked, so the program could track the way you use it for software and interface improvements. It is totally anonymous, we won’t see what images and files you burn.


  5. Choose the appropriate destination folder and press Next. The default folder is C:\Program Files\Astroburn Pro. Press Install.


  6. Wait while setup wizard is installing the program.


  7. You have successfully finished the installation of Astroburn Pro. If you want to launch Astroburn Pro immediately, leave the Run Astroburn Lite checked and press Finish.


Otherwise, uncheck Run Astroburn Lite and press Finish.

If you choose Paid License:

  1. Complete the first two steps mentioned above. When the following window opens, pick Paid License.


  2. You’ll need a serial number to activate your license. If you already have the serial number you need to paste it to the Serial number entry field. If you don’t have one — press Buy Now button and go to DAEMON Tools Shop to purchase Astroburn Pro Paid License.


  3. Once you’ve made a purchase, you get a letter with the serial number. Copy your serial number and paste it to the entry field in Astroburn Pro installation wizard. Then press Activate.

Silent Installation

Silent Installation requires no user interaction. It is a convenient way to streamline the installation process of a desktop application.

You can install Astroburn Pro from the command line or batch file without user interaction — silently. Such functionality is used for remote software deployment.

To install Astroburn Pro in silent mode, you need to run setup file with /S parameter (case sensitive) from the command line. Also you need to specify the following parameters:

/S — the main parameter that enables silent mode (note that it is case sensitive)

/D= — sets the installation path (optional)

/serial — sets serial number (you can get one after purchasing Astroburn Pro Paid license)


C:\Downloads\AstroburnPro400-0233.exe /S /serial a36631f5429f97f75fd4ba97bukcc895 /D="C:\Program Files"

If you couldn’t install Astroburn Pro while using help guide, you can contact us directly.