This feature permits to wipe all data from your disc, even if it’s finalized. To complete this operation, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Go to ToolsErase.

    Erase Disc

  2. The following window opens. Insert the optical disc you want to erase.

    Erase Disc

  3. Choose the physical drive with an optical disc you want to erase. Press Refresh if the needed disc is not indicated in the list.

  4. Choose erasing type:

    • Quick option marks the disc as clear, but its data will be wiped only after the disc is overwritten.

    • Full option erases the whole disc. This procedure takes longer than the previous one.

  5. Choose Erasing speed.

  6. Press Start. Press Background mode to minimize the window to tray.

If you have any questions about erasing discs, you can contact us directly.