This feature permits to burn a disc protected by password. To complete this operation, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Fill Image panel with files you want to save to disc. You have 3 ways to manage files in your project:

    Burn Protected Disc

    • Use the files and folders tree in Explorer panel and simply drag’n’drop items to Image panel to add them to project.

    • Drag’n’drop files from Explorer.

    • Right-click the Image panel, press Import to add all data from the existing image or Add Files to find the needed ones and append them to your project.

  2. Right-click the Image panel to customize the added files: you can Rename, Delete files or folders. If you want to manage added files you can add a New Folder by using the contextual menu. Also, you can choose a file to boot from using Mark as boot file option. Once the boot file is chosen you can manage Boot Parameters. Bootable files are shown in blue color.

    Burn Protected Disc

  3. Insert the disc you want to burn your files to.

  4. Pay attention to the Info panel: choose the optical drive you need, see the information about Planned, Free, Used and Exceeded space of the inserted disc.

    Burn Protected Disc

  5. Check the inserted disc available space. If there are files you don’t need on the disc or the disc is finalized — Erase the Disc first.

  6. Go to ToolsBurn Protected. The following window opens:

    Burn Protected Disc

  7. Customize the file system.

  8. Customize the writing speed. Check Finalize if you don’t want to perform further burning and Delete files after burn if you want to delete local files once they’re burnt to the optical disc.

  9. Set the password to the disc to protect one.

    Burn Protected Disc

  10. Once all the settings above are customized press Start to launch burning process.

  11. Check Close on finish to close the window once the burning process is finished. Check Verify to check the burnt files when the recording process is completed. Press Background mode to minimize the window to tray.

    Burn Protected Disc

  12. Once the burning process is finished you’ll see the following window.

If you have any questions about burning protected discs, you can contact us directly.