Activate your Astroburn Pro license as follows:

Before 3 days you will get a warning message that the trial period coming to an end.

If your Free Upgrades period has already expired and you are trying to activate newer version of Astroburn Pro, you will get error message “Free Upgrades period ran out.”.

Note: Free Upgrades period is a paid license's property which defines time period when you can get the latest Astroburn Pro version without additional payment.

If Astroburn Pro application is already running on another PC (OS), then on trying to activate you will get ”License is activated for the other PC (OS)” error message.

Note: In case you want to run Astroburn Pro on two computers or on both your Operating Systems (if you use so called dual-boot), you need to buy a multi-instance Astroburn Pro license. It's possible to use the same license on a few systems, but you'll need to revoke license activation (Revoke option in My Account → My Licenses on every time you switch to another system.